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2016 SEO Audit Toolbox: 36 Tools to Check Website Performance

Is your website SEO ‘optimized’ for 2016? Keep your website at peak performance this year with the help of these 36 SEO tools. We’ve got them all right here for you: from speed tests to competitive analysis tools, this list will have everything you need.

These are the exact tools we use for website SEO audits and client projects at Alphametic.

In 2016, let the tech do the work for you to ramp up your website performance:

Website Performance Analysis Tools:

Optimize your website with these technical SEO tools:

Google Search Console

Monitor your website’s visibility in search. Easy to navigate for both advanced and general developers. Google suggests this tool can benefit all roles: business owner, SEO specialist, site admin, web developer, and app developer.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Similar to Google’s Search Console with some additional benefits, Bing Webmaster Tools aims to help you find traffic, analyze traffic, and improve your site’s content overall. Find more info about the tool and its specs versus Google Search Console here.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This is a desktop program designed to audit websites on a large scale. The program is continuously updated with data gathered from your website, finding key SEO elements and organizing them for logical navigation. You can even export all the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Screaming Frog SEO

Check my Links

A Chrome extension for checking links while editing or adding content to a web page. The app highlights which links are broken and which are working properly- simple and very helpful when developing a page with a lot of links!


With Browseo, you can view your web page like search engines see it. This tool is just a web page itself which you simply visit to enter any URL and see a page in pure HTML. The idea is to view the page without style distractions as to notice any SEO issues.


Crawl test environments, check tag applications, identify high and low performing pages, improve crawl efficiency, and more. DeepCrawl says it’s “the world’s most comprehensive website crawler”- check it out.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-Friendly or bust. Make sure your website is keeping up. All you have to do is visit this Google page and enter your URL.


This free online tool will analyze your site for technical and SEO aspects and then show you a report of ways to improve your conversion rate. It will track and even suggest keywords.


This tool scores high on user-friendliness. All the tests you want to run on your site with interactive and personalized reviews and presentation styles. It will make a checklist to help you complete your marketing tasks.

Site Analyzer

Particularly helpful for those analyzing sites for clients: you can run ten free tests per month and export the reports into a personally branded PDF.

Webbee SEO Spider Tool

Download to your desktop to search every little nook of your website. It has easy settings and ability to custom crawl so you’re getting exactly and only the data you’re aiming for.

WebBee SEO

Website Speed Test Tools

Become fast like cheetah with these speed optimization tools.

PageSpeed Insights

Measures mobile and desktop performance and returns a speed score 1-100. Anything over 85 points is considered to be performing well. The tool will also yield suggestions for improvements which are color-coded for importance.

Pingdom Speed Test

Enter your URL and view a results waterfall, performance tips, page analysis, and history of speed tests. Results are all coded with charts included on the website. 


Overall quality control and optimization monitoring. Get weekly emailed reports of performance indicators and speed tests. Among other paid features, this online tool will test speed and quality for free.



Get the full picture on how your site loads and learn what issues could be slowing it down. You can schedule monitoring and alerts, or even record a video of your page loading to pinpoint where issues occur.

Duplicate Content Checkers

Check if your website might be suffering from duplicate content.


A free online scanning tool- the only one you need for finding duplicate content and broken links.

Keyword Rank Tracking Tools

Track your keyword performance and discover new keyword opportunities.


“For digital marketing professionals.”  Track yours and your competitors’ use of keywords, find keywords with less competition, and keep track of all of your campaigns (plus much, much more.)



The goal here is actually to learn from the keyword success of your competitors to apply to your own marketing campaigns. Big brands like Toyota and American Express use the Keyword Spy to gain a competitive advantage online.

Advanced Web Ranking

Reports gathered avoiding local search biases so you can serve your clients no matter where you are. Get accurate rankings and efficiently manage complex SEO projects. Expert tool.

Authority Labs

This tool is for use of anyone from the everyday designer or the advanced site builder. It makes monitoring and understanding keyword rankings quick and easy. You can sign up for a free trial and get daily data on the sites you want to track.


Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger puts your focus on the future. Analyze your rank metrics and improve your SEO through keyword research and competitive insights for a more informed future.

Backlink Analysis Tools

Grow backlinks to your website by getting competitive link buidling insights.

Open Site Explorer

This tool from MOZ is representative of the company’s overarching goal to simplify online marketing. The Open Site Explorer allows you to research backlinks, find link-building opportunities and discover potentially damaging links.

Majestic SEO

It calls itself “The planet’s largest Link Index database.” Use the backlink history checker to find backlinks for up to 5 domains.

Citation Labs’ broken link Finder 

Citation labs compares the rebuilding of broken links to the circle of life: one thing dies and a new entity must take its place. Use this tool to replace the dead parts on your website with new life (AKA working links).


Build a content strategy on a solid foundation by discovering what type of content works for your niche. Analyze and optimize the content that gets the most shares and backlinks.


This tool offers a comprehensive audit of backlinks by crawling and analyzing backlink data from the most trusted databases. You will receive extensive and complete data that is easy to understand and apply.

Link Research Tools

Includes unique features such as Link Velocity Trends and Link Redirect Trace. Also offers a free 21-day link strategy training.

Open Link Profiler

Get a Link Influence Score to show the strength of your pages. Updated data and fresh backlinks, all organized after just one click.

Link Building and Content Analysis Tools


Find and analyze online influencers. The program can also help you plan and manage multiple campaigns for clients. It makes finding and presenting results easy.



Research content and influencers, or get updates and alerts while monitoring a topic or brand. Find the most shared content online.


This online tool helps you plan and manage campaigns by organizing company goals, locating websites for link building, and checking availability of backlinks.


Monitor your backlinks in real time and get a notification if links are removed or gained. Linkody also helps you learn how your competitors are using backlinks to gain traffic.

Raven Tools

This tool might just do everything. Automated crawls to audit yours and competitors’ web pages, comprehensive backlink data, social campaign reports, and more.


SEO Competitive Analysis Tools


You can use this tool to get insights about any website OR app. Get your traffic statistics and those of your competitors.


Want to know which keywords and ad spaces are the most profitable for your competitors? SpyFu helps you figure it out.


Actionable insights on Paid and Organic Search to help benchmark campaigns, uncover competitors’ search strategies, performance stats and budgets, and gain a competitive advantage.

It’s all here for you- the tools you’ll need in 2016 to ensure website optimization and performance. Try a few in each category to figure out which interfaces are most suitable for you, as they are all slightly different. Now you can sit back and trust your toolbox. Are there other tools you think we should add to this list? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Featured photo credit: Tools via photopin (license)

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