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Top 10 SEO Gurus to Follow on Twitter

Everyone has a mentor, no matter what state in your career you are in. Perhaps you’re a new startup owner that needs some internet marketing help, perhaps you’re a blossoming SEO analyst, or maybe you’re an SEO expert that’s been around the block… Either way, it’s good to check out what others in the industry […]

What Content Marketing Can Learn From Journalism: An Interview

I’m going to start this off by getting to the point: journalism and marketing are inextricably tied in 2018, with far-reaching consequences that have changed each discipline individually, and changed the way we consume “news”. A little background: I’m a content marketer/ copywriter and SEO specialist by trade, I never studied journalism, but I always […]

5 Content Writing Apps to Improve Your Writing ASAP

Image by [Matthew Henry https://www.instagram.com/matt_henry_photo/] via [Burst https://burst.shopify.com/]. You’ve already done all your keyword research, you’ve structured your content around your main topics, your outline is ready to go and… Now you actually have to write. It’s hard, isn’t it? Sometimes you get so caught up in the planning process that the actual writing seems […]