Performance Max Webinar: Your Companion for Google Ads Innovation

Performance Max is your companion to take Google Ads to the next level. Learn how Performance Max, and Discovery, grants access to exclusive ad inventory on Google’s top-ranked app, and other networks, as the industry transitions from keywords to audience-based advertising akin to paid social. Watch this webinar to stay up to date on the latest tactics, best practices and strategies as we walk you through the latest in innovation. We help you crack the code and unlock the key to take Performance to its Max.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Use Google Trends in combination with machine learning to uncover breakout queries and tailor your ads accordingly.
  2. Create timely solutions at scale using data and promotional tactics during periods of high seasonality (i.e. Black Friday).
  3. Untap the potential of Google’s Discovery Feed and connect with your most valuable customers.
  4. Performance Max campaigns offer a killer combo of machine learning and user input that can give your business access to unexpected opportunities to grow your ROI.
  5. Due to the high number of ad assets and creative flexibility, performance Max campaigns work well delivering multiple message types, like brand and tactical messages, throughout a customer’s journey with various call to actions.

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7 Award-Winning Websites Marketers Should Learn From

award winning websites

Websites are the center of your business. They can be the best way to increase brand awareness for all industries, point your customers in the right direction and provide useful information to help close a sale. Ensuring that your business’ website is optimized for content and SEO, and designed well for navigation and content interaction is essential in making it successful. In this article, we’ll look at some recent award-winning websites in various award categories and industries to give you a glimpse at where the bar is set for excellence. We hope that this serves as a guide to what visitors positively respond to so you can make a business case for an investment in improvements to your website to capture more engaged users and drive more leads.  

Museum of Contemporary Art – Australia | Website Award: The Webby Awards – Best Mobile User Experience  This award recognizes websites designed for mobile that provide excellent user experience by employing creative design, unique data experiences, and practical functionality. Imaginative website design such as this one that is also easy to navigate makes users more likely to return to the site or share it, and helps promote brand awareness. The Webby Awards, established in 1996, honor excellence on the Internet through multiple award categories.  

365 Connect | Website

Award: The Web Marketing Association – WebAward’s Outstanding Website This award recognizes organized design that creatively displays essential components of the brand. Having engaging and creative design can help improve the amount of time users stay on a website. The Web Marketing Association, founded in 1997, was created to help promote an elevated level of quality for Internet marketing and website development on the World Wide Web.  

Logitech | Website

  Award: The Web Marketing Association – WebAward’s Design Standard of Excellence This award recognizes exemplary creative design that leads to brand awareness, increased time on the site from users, and more leads. Incorporating design that balances practicality and creativity is a great way to create a memorable and productive website.  

Oatly Infinite Canvas | Website

  Award: The Webby Awards – Best Homepage 2022 In this award, only the homepage is judged. Homepages are one of the most important aspects of a website as they provide an opportunity to have a positive first impression. This award recognizes websites that set the industry standard of quality in home page design.   

Netflix: The Witcher – Welcome to the Continent | Website

  Award: The Webby Awards – Best User Experience 2022 In websites, user experience can be a significant determining factor for important metrics of success. This award recognizes sites that offer excellent user experience through creative design and practical organization.   

Leverage | Website

Award: The Web Marketing Association – WebAward’s Best Beverage Website  In this award, the Web Marketing Association recognizes websites within the Bevergae industry that exemplify excellence in all areas of website design. Having a wesbite for bevergae companies is essential for various reasons, and providing a site that is user-friendly is essential for increasing leads and closing sales.

Rare Bird, Inc. | Website

Award: The Web Marketing Association – 2021 WebAward’s Best Design Website  In this award, the Web Marketing Association recognizes websites that set the standard of excellence in design. Combining practicality with innovation, these websites create a positive user experience in all aspects. 

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Blueprint

facebook blueprint

Mastering an advertising platform, such as Facebook, can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? What resources are provided? Who should take the courses from your organization? We’ll help you understand Facebook Blueprint and provide answers to your questions. First, let’s discuss what is Facebook Blueprint? 

What is Facebook Blueprint?

Facebook (Meta) Blueprint is an online collection of courses and certifications from Facebook to help you understand their marketing platform. It covers Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp and is created to support anyone from an associate level to professional level. The learning programs provided are organized for small businesses, brands, marketing firms, nonprofits, and anyone interested in learning how to utilize the entire marketing product lineup. Facebook Blueprint offers free resource access, such as study guides and practice tests, but does have a fee to sign up for certification exams. (Source

Why Does Facebook Blueprint Certification Matter? 

When you hear about Facebook Blueprint, it’s important to understand what it does for an individual or organization. The courses and exam help demonstrate proficiency and skills in Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. If you’re an agency, it offers your team the most advanced platform and strategies for digital marketers. It also lets you leverage the credentials, allowing the team to be recognized and setting you apart from other agencies. Most importantly, the paid certifications are a barrier to entry. Not everyone can say they have this without making a time and monetary investment. Completing the Facebook Blueprint certifications showcases an understanding of Facebook’s offering relating to creating, managing and reporting on their platforms. (Source)

How Many Facebook Blueprint Certifications Are There? What Are They? 

As of Summer 2022, there are eight (8) certification courses available from Facebook that a digital marketer or agency can take to further their expertise and knowledge of these advertising platforms. We’ll review all 8 certifications and provide a high-level overview of their purpose. 

1. Digital Marketing Associate 

The Digital Marketing Associate certification lays the foundation for working on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. It’s a great course for anyone beginning their career in digital marketing and wanting to learn the value, similarities, and differences between these social media platforms. This course will walk you through the basics of growing a business presence on social media, best practices for advertising, campaign objectives, creating and managing ads, and how to review results for reporting (Source).

2. Marketing Science Professional 

The Marketing Science Professional certification builds on the foundation of reporting by learning how to use your results and insights to make optimizations. This is a great course for more analytical roles, like a media analyst. Getting certified in this course gives one the ability to assess data and use it for strengthening KPIs. It helps you understand A/B testing and applying concepts to test. Certified experts will make measurement recommendations and translate data to improve results and future campaigns (Source).

3. Creative Strategy Professional 

A certification for Creative Strategy Professional indicates your ability to understand the importance of mobile and how to develop a creative messaging strategy. This certification is good for analytical professionals who enjoy message strategy. The certification helps strengthen skills for mobile-first creative, applying learnings from data insights, understanding the relationship of creative, targeting, and KPIs, and measuring the success of testing (Source).

4. Media Planning Professional 

The Media Planning Professional course is a necessity for developing a strategy that meets business goals and delivers results. This course is great for media planners and buyers that want to understand how to utilize Facebook’s offering among all advertising channels. This certification showcases one’s ability to use historical data to make media recommendations based on campaign type, bidding strategies, and goals. A certified media planning professional will know how to modify a campaign in terms of desired outcomes, reading results and implementing optimizations in real time (Source). 

5. Media Buying Professional

The Media Buying Professional certification exemplifies proficiency in executing and managing social media campaigns. Agencies that want to improve the skills of their account managers and social media managers should take this course. They will become experts in campaign planning, building, executing, optimizing, and measuring results. This is the go-to facebook certification course for the majority of advertising agencies who want to leverage the value of this program (Source). 

6. Marketing Developer 

A certification in the Marketing Developer course is essential for agencies and marketers who track conversions and utilize the Pixel’s capabilities. This certification is intended for website developers and anyone with a technical background. This certification will strengthen skills building conversion tracking strategies and troubleshooting integration issues. This will help take the guesswork out of conceptual conversations and allow the data to show the right path to success (Source).

7. Community Manager 

The Community Manager certification teaches best practices for managing, growing and engaging an online community. Brand managers would benefit from taking this certification to help understand how to properly connect and utilize a community. The certification will help identify important KPIs and teach how to implement a content strategy that will be effective and engaging. Most importantly, this certification will build skills on how to moderate and nurture relationships, as well as plans for crisis communication. This advanced certification will take a brand from dormant to socially active, and will teach you how to measure results along the way (Source). 

8. Spark AR Creator 

The Spark AR Creator certification is for advanced level individuals who want to turn ideas into reality using AR and the Spark AR software. Developers and creatives should take this course to gain highly advanced skills for mastering the future of the metaverse. Completing this certification gives an agency, designer or developer a huge advantage in navigating this new technology, and adding to the metaverse marketplace. They will be leaders in designing and building the virtual landscape or asset, and also experts in how to accurately publish and maintain the file (Source). 

Ready to get started expanding your knowledge and mastering Meta’s full product offering? Easily navigate Facebook Blueprint and track your progress starting with a course that best fits your interest level and goals. Remember, once you’re certified, show it off and add the exclusive badge(s) to your website or professional profile. 

Hiring a Facebook Blueprint Agency for Your Paid Social Digital Ads Strategy

After diving deep into the world of Facebook Blueprint and understanding the various certifications available, it becomes clear that mastering Meta’s advertising platforms is a complex and nuanced endeavor. This is where the expertise of a Facebook Blueprint Agency becomes invaluable. If you’re considering building and managing a robust paid social digital ads strategy, hiring a Facebook Blueprint Agency like Alphametic can be a game-changer for your business.

Why Choose a Facebook Blueprint Agency?

A Facebook Blueprint Agency is not just any digital marketing firm. These agencies are staffed with professionals who have invested time and resources to earn Facebook Blueprint certifications. This means they possess a deep, nuanced understanding of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp advertising. Here are some key benefits of partnering with a Facebook Blueprint Agency:

  1. Expertise in Advanced Strategies
  2. Data-Driven Insights
  3. Creative Excellence
  4. Efficient Budget Management
  5. Staying Ahead of the Curve in Trends & Tech
  6. Comprehensive Services

If you’re ready to take your digital advertising to the next level, contact Alpahmetic, a certified Facebook Blueprint Agency, to unlock your brand’s full potential in the digital space.