Exclusivity is What Sells with Carlos Gil

Social media trends are constantly changing, and there’s not much time before a new trend takes over. Right now, in the digital space, there’s one trend that seems to be gaining and sustaining its momentum: exclusive social media apps.

Exclusive Social Media Apps

In my interview with Carlos Gil on the Iconn Live app, he brought up an interesting point that in today’s world, exclusivity is what sells.

Just look at the apps on the market. They’re all about giving the user exclusive content and access for a premium or through invite-only access.

Jarule’s App, Iconn, is an excellent example because it gives users with an access code exclusive content from their favorite content creators, influencers, celebrities, and musicians without having to attend concerts or meet and greets. People want to get close to their favorite creators, especially when they can do it at home on their phones.

Clubhouse also saw success with its exclusive invite-only platform. Invites were limited, so everyone wanted to be a part of this exclusive app’s community. The app’s nature allowed creators to give a select few content that they couldn’t find anywhere else.

Do you think in the future social media will go towards the route of exclusive communities and content?

Check out the full clip on exclusive social media from my interview with Carlos Gil:

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