Performance Max Webinar: Your Companion for Google Ads Innovation

Performance Max is your companion to take Google Ads to the next level. Learn how Performance Max, and Discovery, grants access to exclusive ad inventory on Google’s top-ranked app, and other networks, as the industry transitions from keywords to audience-based advertising akin to paid social. Watch this webinar to stay up to date on the latest tactics, best practices and strategies as we walk you through the latest in innovation. We help you crack the code and unlock the key to take Performance to its Max.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Use Google Trends in combination with machine learning to uncover breakout queries and tailor your ads accordingly.
  2. Create timely solutions at scale using data and promotional tactics during periods of high seasonality (i.e. Black Friday).
  3. Untap the potential of Google’s Discovery Feed and connect with your most valuable customers.
  4. Performance Max campaigns offer a killer combo of machine learning and user input that can give your business access to unexpected opportunities to grow your ROI.
  5. Due to the high number of ad assets and creative flexibility, performance Max campaigns work well delivering multiple message types, like brand and tactical messages, throughout a customer’s journey with various call to actions.

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