The Secret 6-Step Formula for Optimizing your Website [Infographic]


You’ve created your website and implemented SEO best practices and you’re still not getting the leads and conversions from your site, now what? 

Optimizing your site doesn’t end with SEO. To capture your visitors’ attention and hook them with your website, you need to think about your website’s layout, design and content. How will this help get your website visitors to take the desired action on your site? 

My new book, The Psychology of a Website, goes into detail on how to leverage human psychology to create more opportunities to generate conversions. Check out this infographic to see a sneak peek of the tips offered in my latest book.


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  1. John Ravi
    John Ravi says:

    Hi Matthew,

    It was a great resource! I recently read an article that talked about the importance of infographics, and I have decided to incorporate more into my business. This guide is very helpful, and it will assist me in my optimization process. Os, thanks a lot for curating this article. I gained a lot of valuable information from your article and am looking forward to applying it to my projects. I will also be sharing this article within my network to help the community.


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