Alphametic Generated $93,474,962.33 in Revenue In The Last Three Years Just For Its Ecommerce Clients Alone

alphametic generated revenue

Miami, FL – Alphametic, a leading digital marketing agency, announced that it has driven $93,474,962.33 in revenue in the last three years just for its ecommerce clients alone. Additionally, thousands of quality leads, demos, and meetings were generated for its B2B clients resulting in millions of dollars in revenue tied to Alphametic’s SEO and digital ads services.

This achievement is a testament to Alphametic’s strategic approach to digital marketing, which includes managing SEO, Google Ads, paid social media campaigns, and producing smart content. 

Alphametic’s success is attributed to its client-centric and results-driven strategy, which focuses on generating qualified leads and boosting Ecommerce sales through tailored digital marketing campaigns speaking directly to what consumers are searching for. By utilizing advanced analytics and years of industry expertise, Alphametic has delivered substantial ROI for its diverse clientele.

“We’re proud to have made such a significant impact on our client’s businesses, especially while navigating the pandemic,” said Matthew Capala, Founder and CEO of Alphametic. “Our team is committed to providing the most effective digital marketing solutions, and we’re confident we’ll continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients.”

As a testament to its proficiency, Alphametic has consistently achieved outstanding results across various industries, solidifying its reputation as a leading digital marketing provider offering SEO, SEM, and smart content.

About Alphametic:

Alphametic is a digital marketing agency in Miami that helps businesses get more leads and customers with SEO, digital ads, and smart content. Alphametic’s team of experienced digital strategists and analysts is focused on delivering high-impact solutions for businesses that want results, advanced skills, and exceptional service. Alphametic has worked with some of the most iconic brands in the world, such as L’Oreal, Hoval, and Novartis, as well as with many small to mid-market businesses looking to level up their digital marketing game. Alphametic’s work and ideas have been featured in Inc, Forbes, Chicago Tribune, eMarketer, Huffington Post, Mashable, SMX, and Digital Summits. Alphametic is a certified Google Partner agency.

For more information about Alphametic and its digital services, visit their website at

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